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Why ride a folding bike? Because they're healthy exercise, they're an economical (and often more efficient) alternative for commuters, they're good for the environment and they're convenient - you can take 'em anywhere! Even more good reasons to ride a folding bike below...

A cheap folding bike is the answer to the problems of the modern-day city dweller. Here's six good reasons why cheap folding bicycles make so much sense:

  1. they get you fit - cycling is quality exercise!
  2. they save you money - no rising gas bill!
  3. they save you time - a bike is quicker in cities than cars or public transport!
  4. they're good for the environment - no carbon emissions!
  5. they fold up small at home, the office or on public transport!
  6. they're lots of fun!

If you're thinking of buying a foldable bike you'll soon find out for yourself. If you've already got one - and maybe looking to upgrade - you already know the benefits.

Whether you choose a folding mountain bike, a tiny commuter folding bike or an electric folding bike, space-age alloys and new engineering make the modern folding bike light, fast, and a lot of fun to ride.

Cars and cities are becoming a lethal mix. Parking is hopeless, gas prices are going up, never to come down, and pollution is getting worse - no wonder the folding bicycle seems the logical answer to a commuter's prayer.

If you commute by public transport, you can take your folder with you and use it at either end of your bus or train trip. It'll save you time, and give you some gentle exercise, too. always has a great range of cheap folding bikes for you to check out. Our custom search software integrates with eBay to help you quickly find the folding bicycle you want at a price you can afford.

If you can't find the folding bike you're looking for, bookmark the page (Control + D on your keyboard) and come back soon as new bike listings are posted hourly.

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